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Here are some reasons why instructors are using Benefitsquad:


  • Earn 80% of all ticket and subscription sales via Paypal or Zelle (the remaining 20% is to pay for the site and services)
  • Offer monthly paid subscriptions to your students (tiered subscriptions coming soon!)
  • Teach up to 300 students in one online interactive Zoom class
  • Create your own profile page that shows all your live and recorded classes, as well as subscriptions, for purchase
  • Students can join the class using the Benefitsquad mobile app for a one-on-one viewing experience, or the Zoom app for a team viewing experience
  • Benefitsquad checks all recordings before releasing to the public
  • Get all the advantages of Zoom Pro without paying for a paid Zoom account (not for personal use)
  • Automatically record live classes into your recordings library
  • Automatic reminders to your students
  • Automatic sales stats (as well as contact information for each of your students)
  • One easy place for your students to automatically find your live and recorded classes
  • Training on how to use Zoom and advanced features with integrating music
  • Licensed music provided
  • Best practices on teaching an awesome online class!

Viewing Recorded Video

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