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Updated Guidelines April 2020

Hope you and your family had a great Easter!

We have some important updates below for review:

March 2020 Update:

  • New instructors from the USA, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong!
  • Fixed many glitches such as the email reminders, viewing recordings and some time zone issues (still a few glitches and improvements we are working on)
  • Thank you and your students for letting us know about glitches! (we are trying to be responsive)


Updated guidelines from Zoom:

  • Safety and security (we removed chat rooms and the ability for students to share screens) there is also an option to use Waiting Room to control who enters the LIVE class
  • Zoom charges a $ amount per student per minute in a live class (see minimum pricing for live classes guidelines below)
  • Zoom charges a $ amount for cloud storage of recordings (see maximum recordings guidelines below)


Updated guidelines from Benefitsquad:

  • Minimum pricing USD$7 per LIVE 60-minute class ticket and USD$5 per LIVE 30-minute (non-subscription)
  • Minimum pricing of USD$5 per 60 minutes of LIVE instruction under a subscription  (for example, USD$20 a month for one LIVE 60-minute class a week, or two LIVE 30-minute classes a week)
    • an instructor can either reduce the number of live classes offered per week
    • OR increase the price of the subscription for next month and going forward
  • If you would like to price less than the above for a trial or promotion, there will be a USD$1 charge per ticket from Benefitsquad
  • Pricing of recordings is more flexible (see new recordings-only subscription options below)
  • Linked Zoom account not to be used for personal use (you may want to create a new Zoom account for your personal stuff, or switch the linked Zoom account on Benefitsquad) this includes cloud recordings on linked Zoom accounts, disable and delete the cloud recordings in the linked Zoom account
  • Max class time of 1:15 hours
  • 90 day access to recording for drop-in ticket buyers or recording buyers
  • Recordings older than 12 months will be available for download by instructors and then deleted from the Benefitsquad cloud storage
  • Maximum of 25 hours of recordings saved per instructor (you can download any recordings before deletion from the cloud storage)
  • For new instructors, up to two $0 test classes with up to two students in each test class
  • Comply with the updated above guidelines by May 1 2020 if possible

Updated features from Benefitsquad:

  • Recordings-only subscriptions available this week!
    • Recordings-only subscriptions pricing can be more flexible
    • For example  (USD$10 a month for all recordings with one new recording a week, or USD$20 a month with three new recordings a week)
  • Bundles of subscriptions available! (bundle with other instructors or your instructor friends and offer a bundle discount) for a more diverse offering
  • If either of the above are interesting to you, just let us know and we can help set it up for you!


We are available to discuss any time this week if you have any questions or comments or ideas! Thanks!


Viewing Recorded Video

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