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Deanna’s wellness journey began back in college after a week long stay in the hospital. Being an athlete her whole life lead her to the false truth that she was ‘healthy’. Needless to say, this gall bladder attack at the age of 20 was quite the eye-opener, pushing Deanna on a quest for knowledge and self-study on food, nutrition and fitness.

Deanna is a 200 e-RTY, ISSA Fitness Trainer, TFW Level 1 Certified, an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and a Live at Your Edge Mentor.

Movement + nature have been an important aspect of Deanna’s life since her childhood days of team sports, baton twirling, gymnastic and playing in the woods. As an adult the idea of movement transformed from team sports to fitness training, sprint triathlons, competitive sand volleyball, rock climbing and her introduction to yoga in 2002. Already, having been a certified ISSA fitness trainer for several years, yoga, was at that time ‘just another workout’ but that quickly grew into a journey of self-love, acceptance and personal growth. Yoga helped Deanna realize that her connection to nature and movement have always been her personal mindfulness practice and a way to finding stillness.

After years of having a career in Social Work and working with at-risk youth, Deanna, left her government job to work in the outdoor industry and travel. This conscious decision brought her to Southeast Asia for 3 months where she enrolled in a month-long yoga and meditation certification course. After receiving her 200hour Yoga Teacher certification, Deanna moved back to Winston-Salem to start her own business and continue studying for her Integrative Nutritional Health Certification which she received in spring of 2015. Deanna, also created Yoga(mmunity) – a part of Rock Water Yoga, LLC. – strengthening community one asana at a time. She focuses on making yoga more accessible and appealing, planting seeds of kindness, cultivating wellness and inspiring transformation.

Deanna enjoys working with beginner yogis as well as athletes. On the physical level, she focuses on building transferable strength, fluid movement and mindful balance; working out the imbalances and creating space in one’s body in order to create a more functional and less injury prone container to live in. On an inner-personal level, Deanna focuses on learning where you are and starting from there with acceptance, stepping closer to one’s edge with courage and observing change through repetition developing self-awareness.

Deanna has taught yoga, mindfulness and fitness around the Piedmont Triad at Universities, hospitals, corporations and local studios as well as in Bali and Sri Lanka. Deanna provides a non-judgmental, loving and supportive space with an all inclusive environment for all of her all-level / beginner friendly classes. In addition to the yoga, fitness and nutrition; Deanna mentors her clients on how to Live at their edge; moving through the fear, stepping into their truth and living the life they are meant to live.

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