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If you have trouble, joining or hosting your meetup for any reason, you can click the below Emergency Meetup button to launch a backup meetup. You will want to send your students the meetup ID 342593402 to enter into their app for this backup meetup.

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Create a $1 demo class, and invite a friend or family member to buy a ticket and test your demo with you. Then view the recording in your account!

Click the Record an Intro Video button to record a short 30 to 60 second intro video in Zoom automatically to tell your prospective students “hello! this is more about me and my class”. We can edit and trim the recording, so multiple takes on the same recording is OK. We will contact you after the recording is made!

.. or simply record your own Intro Video and upload it to Youtube, then paste a link to the Youtube video in your class description 🙂

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