Theresa Adamo


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Theresa Adamo’s dynamic academic and yogic background gives her a unique perspective and teaching style that is well grounded and approachable. Stemming from her years as an athlete, her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training was focused on alignment and biomechanical precision with Jason Crandall in San Francisco in 2010. During which time she obtained her Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at CIIS. There she learned the power and process of holding space for others to relax within and heal. Continuing her education, in 2013 she took a 500hr Teacher Training with True Nature School of Yoga where she was trained in the benefits and process of Yoga Nidra. Her certificate in Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery, by the Veterans Yoga Project in 2015, has allowed her to serve her community and those around her better. She currently teaches yoga rehabilitation to those with PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, and CRPS.

Melissa Merkle

Senior Fitness

Based in Sarasota, Florida

Melissa Merkle is a Senior Fitness Specialist and co-founder of Boomers N Motion – an organization that strives to keep baby boomers and seniors healthy and fit. She believes it’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest YOU! Melissa first became certified as a group fitness instructor in 2002 and has been involved in the fitness industry ever since. Today, she continues to teach group classes and is also certified as a personal trainer, health coach, and fitness nutrition specialist. She loves keeping adults active as they age, and her oldest client is currently 98 years young! 

Ducky Quade

Strength and Motivation

Based in Waterford, Ireland

Ducky has been in the fitness industry for a few years now and loving every minute of it, not only working out but working with clients too. He has a big passion on helping people move better in different ways either through their own body moves or through some useful tools like kettlebells, mace clubs, weights and much more.

💪He is the founder and owner of Command Fitness Waterford where we have a passion in getting results for each person: either weight loss, mobility, strength and conditioning, kettebells, or what ever your interest in fitness. We are here to help even if it’s just a chat 😁


Renee Clair


Based in San Antonio, Texas

I’m glad you’re here! Whether you are new to yoga or slowing your practice down, you can definitely find something challenging yet relaxing about my classes. My goal is to teach you how to find safe flexibility through core stability and alignment. My teaching style is conversational and laid back and I craft yoga to meet each individual’s needs.



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