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The Benefitsquad® platform you are about to enter is an online video and payment platform.

Benefitsquad will be providing video platform and payment services to you (the “Instructor”) and use the best of its abilities to provide this service. The Instructor understands that this platform is under constant development, and there may be periods when the platform is not operating as intended or has security breaches.

The Instructor agrees to be following terms:

  • Instructor earns 80% of sales (after sales taxes) of Instructor’s classes, recordings and subscriptions; and the remaining 20% is a fee to pay for the platform service
  • Instructor will only use licensed music as part of recorded classes, if music is a part of the class or recording, and will not include content that may require additional licenses
  • Instructor will not share Benefitsquad-provided passwords, logins or licensed music with any other parties or use them for any purpose other than classes on
  • Instructor is certified in the field that the Instructor is instructing and will provide certificates to
  • Instructor will use best efforts to host safe and decent classes and content
  • Instructor is not bound by other agreements, non-compete or non-solicit agreements that would prohibit teaching classes on this platform
  • Instructor will use linked Zoom accounts only for the purpose of Benefitsquad classes and will disable and delete Zoom cloud recordings on the linked Zoom account
  • Benefitsquad is not liable for any harm or damages to the Instructor or Instructor’s students

If the instructor misses a class due to illness or some other reason, the instructor will either schedule a make-up class for the students or create a recording of an equivalent class to share with the students at no additional charge to the students.

Payments to instructors will be made through Zelle or Paypal within 30 days of the ticket or subscription purchase. Any foreign exchange or receiving bank fees or receiving Paypal fees will be paid by the instructor.

A maximum of 25 hours of class recordings will be stored for each instructor, and recordings over 12 months old will be deleted. The instructor can ask for the ability to download the recordings to the instructor’s computer before deletion. Terms for the allowable quantity of recordings and live classes are subject to change. Minimum pricing for each live class ticket is USD$7.00 for 60-minute or USD$5.00 for 30-minute, and USD$5.00 per 60-minute live class under a subscription. If you would like to price less than the above, as a trial or promotion, there will be an additional USD$1.00 fee per live ticket to the instructor from Benefitsquad.

Accordingly, to the extent permitted by law, Sun Messenger LLC (the owner and operator of and its parent, affiliate, and subsidiary companies will not be liable to any person or entity for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any live or recorded classes and workouts, nutrition plan, advice, or any other content on this platform.

Terms are subject to change. Thank you for choosing Benefitsquad!



Viewing Recorded Video

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