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Step 1:

Buy a ticket for a live class, buy a recording or subscribe to an instructor’s classes!

  • ticket buyers get links to the live class, and get the class recording automatically in their account (recordings are available for a period of 90 days)
  • recording buyers get access to the recording for a period of 90 days
  • subscribers to an instructor get access to all of that instructor’s live and recorded classes automatically, as well as automatic reminders, as long as they are subscribers

Step 2:

Download the app!

  • Option 1: Use the Benefitsquad app (one-on-one viewing experience) on your mobile device or tablet using the Benefitsquad app downloaded here
  • Option 2: Use the Zoom app (team viewing experience) on your desktop or mobile device using the Zoom app downloaded here

You can always turn off your camera if you are not comfortable with the two-way video.

Step 3:

Take the class!

  • Live Class – Click on the Join Meetup link, 5-minutes before the time of your meetup. The app will automatically open when you click the Join Meetup link. Or manually enter the 9 to 11-digit Meetup ID into the Benefitsquad app or the Zoom app as in the below screen shot
  • Recorded Class – View class recordings on your account page at

To learn more, watch the below video, or Read the Student User Manual by clicking here: Student User Manual

----> Are you an instructor? Click here

Step 1:

Set up a test class here 

Step 2:

Earn 80% of all sales of your classes and subscriptions via Paypal or Zelle

Step 3:

Watch the Instructor Tutorial with tips video here

An interactive online workout in
the privacy of your own home

Where you can see the instructor, and the instructor can see you

Live, but recorded

[typedjs]Find the best online instructors from around the world to keep you accountable and motivated[/typedjs]


Viewing Recorded Video

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