FAQ and Support



If you have any questions, you can email Jen at jgreene@benefitsquad.com.

We also have answers to frequently asked questions below, as well as as support center below where you can submit help tickets.


How do I join a class?

On your mobile device (assuming you have already installed the Benefitsquad app on your mobile device and booked a ticket), click the emailed link or the link in the My Activities section of the Benefitsquad app. The link will automatically open the Benefitsquad app on your mobile device and automatically join the class.

You can also join on your laptop using Zoom. The Zoom app will automatically install and open on your laptop when you click the Join Meetup link.

For instructors, what happens when members purchase a ticket to my class?

As an instructor, you have a choice to offer your class at a discounted price to members, or only offer full priced tickets. If you decide to offer a discounted price to members, instructors will earn a portion of the total pool of monthly membership fees, when membersĀ  purchase tickets to the class. The portion is calculated based on how tickets have been purchased by members for your class compared to other classes. We will strive to compensate instructors in line with the pricing of the base ticket, given the constraints of the total pool of monthly membership fees available.

Where are you located and who is on the team?

Our main video studio is located on King Street in West Soho, New York City. We are organized in the State of New York under Sun Messenger LLC. Jen Greene is our manager.

For other questions or help, please feel free to email us at feedback@benefitsquad.com. Thank you!



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