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september, 2019

satur21sep2:30 am3:30 amBuy Recording for 90 Days (click here): USD$5.00Ahimsa Singing Bowl Soul Healing MeditationMinnie Cheung live from Hong Kong2:30 am - 3:30 am Category:FeaturedRecording,Recorded

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Event Details

 Join us for a live singing bowl meditation session with Minnie!

BetterMe aims to spread the teaching of  Ahimsa, nonviolence, the highest virtue and the root of all other virtues. Nonviolence means not harming or injuring oneself, or any living being, intentionally or unintentionally. Non-harm is carried with us everywhere in each moment, in thought, word, and action.  Live and act without causing disturbance to other people, animals or to our precious Earth.


We aim to remind and strengthen a group of teachers and purposed individuals globally in their study of Ahimsa and to spread this core value to our students and society.


We will be offering a relaxed, healthy and meaningful experience through sound meditation, breathing techniques and yoga to our participants.


We aim to encourage participants to become more mindful about their own inner peace, happiness, and emotions through a continuing their practice daily for weeks after practicing techniques learned from the offline event in our online challenges through our APP.



Minnie studied music since childhood until she embarked on her journey of yoga practice. By teaching yoga in these years, she believes using sound is an easy way to start meditation.

Having studied Yoga Nidra, gong bath relaxation, tuning fork and reiki, Minnie combines yoga and sound therapy to bring your mind and body refreshing moments.



This experience includes an energizing yoga sequence to enable your body to receive the full moon energy and learn how sound can be therapeutic and use it as a meditative tool. We will also use our own voices as instruments alongside with breath as it is a gateway to bring awareness onto yourself towards a deeper state of meditation. At last, we will bathe ourselves with the sound of singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, chimes and more to curate an experience for you to relax, contemplate, release and uplift.


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