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december, 2019

wednes18dec6:30 am9:00 amBuy Recording for 90 Days (click here): USD$7.00OM CollectiveBetterMe Global (Hong Kong)6:30 am - 9:00 am Category:Recorded

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Tickets are not available for sale any more for this class (subscribers to the instructor can access the class recording on the instructor profile page)!

Event Details


BBM aims to offer a relax, healthy and meaningful experience for Sound meditation and yoga lovers.  We aim to encourage participants to become more mindful about their own health through learning techniques of sound meditation and yoga and to continue to practice every day for one week, practicing techniques learned from offline event. 


The target participants adopt the yogic way of life and one of the key rules they live by is Ahimsa, nonviolence, is the highest virtue and the root of all other virtues. Nonviolence means not harming or injuring oneself, or any living being, intentionally or unintentionally. Non-harm is carried with us everywhere in each moment, in thought, word and action.  Live and act without causing disturbance to other people, animals or to our precious Earth.


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