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Crossfit has led the way in the rogue fitness and functional fitness movement being the big name out of these fitness programs. Crossfit has gained quite a reputation with the group of people who support and believe in it and those who think it is a fad that can be dangerous to those who participate. This author worked out at a Crossfit gym for a few years while training for Olympic Trials in swimming.

Crossfit gives those a chance to compete while exercising which makes it appealing to the general masses as most workouts can be scaled.

Who uses it? It has also been used by amateur and professional athletes alike with many of them singing its praises.

All Crossfit coaches have to be certified by Crossfit, this does not make all of the coaches great. You might have to try out a few Crossfit gyms before picking a permanent one.

The community aspect of Crossfit makes many think that it is a cult. From my point of view, it kind of actually is but a cult of fitness and health doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

Losing weight with this program can be quite easy and it won’t take hours upon hours of cardio. Crossfit workouts are compact and most gyms have an hour workout where stretching and warming up is included in that hour.

Military and law enforcement routinely use Crossfit as part of their strength and conditioning programs. The first Crossfit workouts were made for the Santa Cruz sheriff’s department.

Many workouts are named after fallen soldiers and veterans.

The programming of different Crossfit boxes are much different than others. A coach who believes in running might incorporate more running into the workouts.

Anyone can do Crossfit, the perception are that it is only for the fittest people or former athletes which is wrong.

Most gyms do not repeat workouts unless they are the named workouts which are good to test progress over a long course of time.

The Crossfit Games is where the elite Crossfit athletes compete and the winner in 2015 won an amazing $275,000. The title of fittest on earth is nice but the winners will argue the prize money is better.

The local Crossfit gym or “box” as Crossfitters affectionately call it can be anywhere in your town. There are gyms springing up everywhere so just keep an eye out for one if wanting to try Crossfit this year.

Get ready to be roped into one obstacle course run with fellow Crossfitters as this is a thing that many gyms do to bond and stay in shape. These can be a blast but can also have quite a price tag depending on the race.

You will undoubtedly end up at a supplement store or online at a supplement store. There is always a supplement that someone is talking about so your curiosity will get the best of you at least once….or twice.

There are certification courses all over the United States if you want to begin coaching Crossfit. These come with a hefty price tag but the personal training Crossfit workouts can more than make up for that cost.

Crossfit is something that nearly everyone can do as their workouts can be scaled down. Many people have a preconceived notion that it is a fitness fad that will pass but it is here to stay. Do not judge Crossfit until you’ve tried as it can benefit anyone from a competitive athlete to a housewife just looking to get into shape.

Rich Froning Jr. has been the face of Crossfit since 2010 and has won 4 individual Crossfit Games championships. Froning is known as “the fittest man on earth” as this is what the Crossfit Games champion is called. A video about Rich Froning below:

Tim Mcgraw who has admitted he was an alcoholic turned to Crossfit to help him stay sober. His band even takes part in the workouts as it helps them build chemistry and spend time with each other outside of playing music.

Jason Statham besides being an actor was a national level diver for the UK and an accomplished martial artist turned to Crossfit and actually lost weight using Crossfit.

Greg Glassman is one of the founders of Crossfit and spent time as a competitive gymnast which helped inspire parts of the fitness movement.

Brad Pitt who has bulked up for some roles and slimmed down for others likes Crossfit as it is short and effective thus giving him more time to spend with his family.

Paleo diet. There are going to be those at the Crossfit gym who encourage you to start the Paleo diet as soon as you start at the gym. Avoid this for a few weeks or months as Crossfit takes time to get used to and the Paleo diet does as well. Both of these could add up to make the participant feel terrible and end up quitting both of their new endeavors.

Joint stress. Taking some sort of supplement for the joints is important whether you are feeling sore or not. The repetitive motions of Crossfit while not harmful by themselves can lead to stress on joints.

When to stop. Remember that nobody has been doing Crossfit for 40 years so if you feel something hurting, just stop. Nobody wants to have trouble walking while they are elderly because they just had to get low on their squats.

Find a buddy. Find someone with comparable ability as this can be a person to help push you through a tough workout. The competitive nature of Crossfit is the reason that many former athletes take part in this fitness movement.

Scale up. Scale your Crossfit workouts up instead of going ballistic when you first start. Although the coaches will say that it is safe, take precaution as overuse in the beginning of working out can lead to injury. While the coaches mean well, a majority of them are Crossfit certified and not doctors.



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