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Instructor Benefits

Make Money

Set pricing for your own live classes and programs.

Earn 80% of ticket and subscription sales.

Build Following

Reach your studio students in new ways and at different convenient times.

Offer your classes to friends and family around the world.

Tech Support

Learn from our community on best practices for hosting an addictive live class.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime to practice or try things out.



Classes successfully hosted live since we started in late 2017. And climbing every week.


Over 1,000 registered users around the world. All fitness enthusiasts or aspiring enthusiasts. Growing daily.


Join other instructors who have already increased their income by over $1,500 by hosting a weekly class.



Create Class

Your timing, your pricing, your show!

It’s a easy step-by-step process to add a class.


Stream Class

Host your live class and interact with your students over bi-directional video.

All classes are automatically recorded for you.


Passive Income

Earn passive income for each of your students or friends who subscribes to your live and recorded classes.

A great way to keep a steady income stream.

Instructor’s View

Instructors can see all the students in Gallery View, using our partner Zoom’s technology. Instructors who are familiar with Zoom Webconferencing will be very familiar with the user experience.

How It Works

After your registering below, we will contact you within 48 hours to help you set up classes, train and set up subscriptions.

Instructor Testimonials

Benefitsquad has created a platform that allows me to reach my students wherever they are. The meetup online allows my students from around the Bay Area to practice yoga with me even if they are out of town or can’t get to the studio. The convenience of these online classes has helped my students develop a consistent practice which has allowed them to become stronger and more flexible.



I love teaching yoga on Benefitsquad! They’ve automated payments, links and reminders so that I can focus on what’s really important: my yoga students.



This platform is awesome! It’s accessible. My students are getting stronger. I love the convenience of live streaming too.



Become An Instructor

You are one step away from reaching your students in new ways, reaching new students and earning both active and passive income.

No upfront fees.




Viewing Recorded Video